Google+: Community Network?

With the new Google+ Redesign today, I've been thinking about what the role of Google+ is within the context of other websites. Facebook is my social network, LinkedIn is my professional network and Twitter is my information network, so where does Google+ fit in? I've started to realize that I've been using Google+ to connect with communities. The main reason I check it is to see posts about elementary OS, CyanogenMod and a few other projects which use the network to talk to fans and alert them about updates. On a smaller scale, I've been using the circles to control where I share information and essentially treating it as a nicer form of email.

I think Google+ has a chance to be the community network, where people can discuss and collaborate, especially through the hangout feature. This puts Google+ less in competition with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and more in competition with Reddit where users already get news and discuss things about certain topics.

TL;DR I think comparing Google+ to Reddit is more fitting than comparing it to Twitter or Facebook.